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I'm not really maintaining this but If you are want to join as a developer then please let me know and I'll add you :-)

Contributors are welcome.

Project Description
Contains two controls:
1. control for placing google maps on an aspx page.
2. a webpart wrapper for MOSS.
Feed the control with a path to and xml stream for showing pushpins on the map.
A zoom rectangle(rubberband) feature has been added.

Made quick and dirty, but works ;-)
No easy deployment for moss yet. You'll have do this manual (But perhaps there will be).
1.Add to safe controls in web.config
2.register the new webpart in MOSS
3.request a free googlemap license from google maps and set this on the property in aspx or on the webpart.
4.1 there are a to folders with images and jscript which has to be placed in webroot download this under release (
4.2 consume ;-) remember to set width and height otherwise mapsize will be nothing and therefor nothing to see

I or some contributor may want extend the control to have interfaces for retrieving maps from different sources e.g. MapServer/ArcIMS/WMS...

Developers are welcome to join in.

Robert Hede

Below is a screendump of the MOSS version in action.

Below is a screendump of the MOSS version in action showing the following redline-xml. (the redline-xml features is not released yet).

- <markers>
- <marker lat="55.515147349841015" lng="9.623057842254638" info="Some marker">
- <minipage>
- <!CDATA[

<div><br><strong>Some title bla bla</strong>
More at <a href= target=_blank></a>
- <geometry>
<circle lat="55.515147349841015" lng="9.623057842254638" radius="0.3" color="FF0000" thickness="0.3" />
<circle lat="56.515147349841015" lng="10.623057842254638" radius="1" color="FF0000" thickness="1" />
- <polyline thickness="3" color="FF0000">
<point lat="55.515147349841015" lng="9.623057842254638" />
<point lat="55.515147849841015" lng="9.623057882254638" />
<point lat="54.1151" lng="9.1230" />
<point lat="54.6151" lng="8.1230" />
<point lat="54.3151" lng="8.8230" />
<text lat="55.515147349841015" lng="9.623057842254638" rotation="10" color="FF0000" fontsize="3" font="ARIEL" value="Hej" />
<image lat="55.515147349841015" lng="9.623057842254638" src="" border="0" />

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